Building a Hotel on the Moon is a formidable challenge.

It is also an exciting opportunity to design and create a spectacular building: architecture that plays upon themes and motifs inspired by the extraordinary lunar environment; interior design that blends the visions of science fiction with the best in contemporary fashions; incorporated technology that is breaking new ground in sustainability and sophistication; and more…

If you’re an artists, architect, interior designer or engineer this is the competition for you:

Design the ultimate Moon Hotel and you could win a ………………………………….

Read through our pages on Moon Science (LINK), Moon Hotel Challenges (LINK), Moon Hotel Design (LINK) and Moon Hotel Locations (LINK). Start participating in our Moon Hotel Forum (LINK) and research everything there is to know about pressurised habitats, the Moon’s vacuum, sustainable technology and slick sci-fi designs, then draw up your plans for the ultimate Moon Hotel.

Moon Hotel Design entries will be judged on their beauty, comfort and functionality, with extra points given to those that offer ingenious resolutions to thus far unsolved lunar challenges.

Final entries are required by Sunday 30th June 2013.

Interested in discussing Moon Hotel possibilities? Wanting to share what you know? Visit the Moon Hotel Forum [LINK].

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