You’ll be taking giant steps on the Moon and that may be enough to warrant a visit. But as our Moon Hotel develops, possibly amidst a thriving lunar colony, think of the entertainment fair?

With all hazards and dangers attended to, the possibilities for silliness presented by the Moon’s low gravitation, vast open space and strange lunar territories are infinite.

Over the coming years, with your help, will be enumerating the many relaxation zones, indoor and outdoor games, circus performances, theme park rides and galactic education programs awaiting us.

And common to most of these will be the Moon’s low gravitation, which is 17% or one sixths of the Earth’s.

Now, give this some consideration.

If you weigh a 100kg on Earth, you would feel like you only weigh 17kg on the Moon. You could jump six times further and carry things six times as heavy.

But, get this, and get it good:

If you had wings attached to your arms and a sufficient level of fitness, you could easily fly inside a dome, large cave or tunnel on the Moon using only your own muscle power!


Moon Walking

“I was strolling on the moon one day, in the merry, merry month of May… do di doot doot do, do di doot doot do.”

It was 1972 and astronauts Eugene A. Cernan and Harrison “Jack” Schmitt of Apollo 17 were on a geological exploration of the moon. The highly trained professionals had Mission Control in consistent radio contact ensuring they utilised every minute available. But on surface strolls, between sites at which they set-up automatic laboratories and drilled core samples, they simply couldn’t help but enjoy themselves.

“Ahh, this is a mean way to travel”, says Schmitt as he bounces down a lunar hill on black and white video footage. “I feel like Bugs Bunny…”

“Dum di dum dum… Dum di dum dum dum,” sings Cernan as he follows, revealing the Homeresk qualities (think contemporary, not ancient) the Moon’s low gravitation will certainly bring out in us all.

Walking on the moon will be the first-off adventure for all fresh arrivals on the Moon.

And we’ll love it!

(Possible soundtrack: Walking on the Moon, The Police).

Moon Buggies

Moon buggies have fabulous Mad Max post-apocalyptic potential. Low set, with an exposed frame, their rough and ready appeal could easily be matched by aesthetic advancements in the future space suit fashion industry – distressed spacesuit chic will certainly have its day, along with a myriad other fashions, lending optical mystique to many-a Moon Buggy adventure.

Standard Moon Buggy tours will be common, sure. A sedate rolling over hills, through meandering rilles to comet craters, historic landing sites and astounding galactic observatories will certainly satisfy the more laid-back lunar travellers.

(Possible soundtrack: Moon Safari, Air).

But what of Moon Buggy races?

Vast open plains have the potential for awesome moon dust-generating Moon Buggy drag races, accompanied perhaps by crowds at heel & toe hootenanannies in crater side, dodecahedron, glass bar/auditoriums. And races through long rille valleys and lava tubes could involve high-speed overtaking while climbing up curved walls, plummeting and weaving… oh, and craters could act as velodromes!

Crash and you’ll likely be exposed to the Moon’s atmosphere and would be dead in a minute, of course – daredevil drivers would certainly need to sign forms.

Moon Hopper Tours

Okay, you might remember them as space hoppers, skippyballs, kangaroo balls, bouncers, hoppity hops, or hop balls. Whatever you call them, we’re talking about those rubber balls, like exercise balls, usually animated with the face of an animal, with handles (commonly in the shape of animal antennae) to grip onto as you hop around in different directions, depending on which way you lean. Here at where dreaming of moon hopper tours to the Sea of Tranquility, followed by a drink at a crater cliff bar and concluding back at the hotel with a zero-G (why not explore the full gravitational spectrum) floating sushi & sashimi meal, comedically consumed with chopsticks.

Space Trampolines.

We imagine these as somewhat large with a big dome of netting to ensure you don’t spring off with such force that you land in a nearby crater.


Should the dream of firstly occupying the vast spaces of the Moon’s lava tubes come true, opportunities of indoor low-G sports will not be limited.


Climbing to a platform 50 feet in the air, two kilometres of low-G lava tube tunnel, 120 meters wide, stretches out before you – you’re at the perimeter of a vast tunnel settlement. A beautiful assistant adjusts your eagle suit, and stretch-testing your wings you study the large hoops, hanging at different heights, to the left and the right, and staggered down the tunnel. You dive, spread your wings and glide easily in low-G majesty, ducking and weaving gracefully through the hoops.

Sumo Suits

Climb into your Sumo uit, enter the glass Sumo cube, face-off against your rival and fight! Oh, and be sure you bounce of the walls!

Moon Martial Arts

No special effects required. This is fighting Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style.

Pool cubes

Enter a room made up of 50–75% water. Wearing your slick and sexy sci-fi breathing apparatus, you wade through it all marvelling at the effect of low gravitation on water.

Indoor Football/Soccer

Imagine the somersault diagonal sidekicks you could pull off moving about in one sixth of the Earths gravity!


Today, we marvel at the physical feats of our world’s top gymnasts, athletes, dancers and circus performers, but imagine their accomplishments in the Moon’s low gravitation.

The flying stadium

Watch as the Moon’s most expert winged performers dazzle with flying feats and adventures or grin till it hurts as the Moon’s flying circus takes entertainment to the extreme.

See jugglers juggling a hundred balls in the air, trapeze artists throwing themselves ridiculously far and clowns exploiting low gravitation for infinite slapstick scenarios.


Stravinky’s Rite of Spring as a flying ballet?

Imagine the kinds of pirouettes executed: ballerinas flying through the sky. Or dancers rising simultaneously, ten, twenty and thirty meters high, then landing like feathers on the floor. And just think of the number of accomplished Earth based choreographers itching for low gravity time…


Put the world’s best football players in a shuttle for the first professional sports game on the Moon. The skilled athletes could spend days getting used to the gravity then bound onto the stadium field like gods for a cosmic soccer game.


Touring the moons surface and understanding its geological features will be an experience sought by thousands upon thousands of scientific dilletantes and professionals.


Observatories will be the ultimate education however. Lacking a substantial atmosphere, the stars are 10 times brighter in lunar skies. Peering at the cosmos through the powerful telescopes of the future will probably enable the study of minute geographical features on the surface of, say, Saturn’s most habitable moon, Enceladus – the next moon colonisation?

Get involved

There are so many possibilities: Moon squash? Space golf anybody?

We want to hear your ideas. Share with us suggestions for the ultimate Moon games and activities at the Moon Holiday Forum [LINK]. 

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