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Chang’e – Moon goddess

Chang’e was stranded on the Moon after being estranged from her husband, the almighty archer, Houyi. She lives there with a Jade rabbit and a woodcutter who is continually chopping away at a magic tree that grows back every time it’s cut down.    


Tsuki-Yomi – Moon God

Tsuki-Yomi once lived with his sister, the sun goddess Amaterasu. One day, the goddess of food, Uke Mochi, was entertaining Tsuki-Yomi, when disgusted with an unorthodox food preparation method she used, he killed her.

Amaterasu is angry with him for this and they have lived apart ever since.


Asia Minor


Soma (Hindu) – Moon God

Soma rides through the sky on a chariot drawn by white horses.

The elixir of immortality is also called Soma, and can only be found on the Moon.  

Middle East

Sumer (Iraq)

Sin – Moon God

Sin was the son of the air god Enlil and grain goddess Ninlil. He was born with two of his brothers, after his mother journeyed to the underworld.

 As recompense for Enlil’s misdeeds, Sin was given to the gods, who sent him to the heavens to illuminate the night.





Artemis – Goddess of the moon (also goddess of the hunt).

Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo and daughter of Zeus and Latona. Like Apollo, she has a bad temper and tends to kill people if they offend her.


Diana – Moon Goddess and Goddess of the Woodland

Diana thinks her body is sacred. So when a hunter stumbled upon her beautiful body as she bathed in a forest pool, she got angry and turned him into a stag.

North America


Anningan – Moon God

Anningnan is always chasing his sister, the Sun goddess Malina, across the sky. Chasing her makes him thinner, which is why there are phases of the Moon

Central America


Ix Chel or “Lady Rainbow” – Moon Goddess

Ix Chel is an old woman who wears a pretty skirt and crossed bones. She carries a serpent in one hand and large water jug in the other. Rainstorms and floods are caused when she empties her jug on the world.  


Coyolxauhqui – Moon Goddess

Coyolxauhqui was the daughter of the Earth goddess Caatlicue.

Coyolxauhqui’s once schemed with her siblings against their mother, so Coatlicue cut off her head and threw it into the sky. Now her head is the Moon.


South America


Iae (Mamaiuran – Amazon Tribe)

Lae and his brother Kuat once lived in a world of darkness, as the sky was full of birds whose wings blocked-out the daylight. But Lae and his brother trapped Urubutsin, the king of the birds and forced him to share the light with them.  

Since this time, Kuat has represented the Sun and Lae the Moon.

Pacific Islands


Rona – Tide Controller

Rona is the daughter of the sea god Tangaroa. Rona displeased the Moon one day when she cursed him for failing to illuminate her path as she walked with a bucket of water. The Moon got angry, put a curse on the Maori people and took Rona and her bucket to the Moon.

Rains come when Rona unsettles her bucket of water.


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