Beautiful, elegant technology springs from the ruminations of loved and well-nourished imaginations. So while here at we’ll be applying ourselves seriously to the challengers of Moon Technology Requirements [LINK], we’re going to dream in science fiction to see what comes our way.

And perhaps you’d like to dream with us? The seeds of innovation come from time spent in fantasy and fiction. And while we’re deadly serious about our Moon Hotel, we’re serious about having fun also. So, tell us about your favourite sci-fi gadget, and if we like it, we’ll add it to the list and sing your name to the masses with hyperbolic praise.

Welcome to the Moon Technology wish list: the place where we can populate the Moon Hotel freely with a myriad of crazy and wonderful gadgets, leaving reality and time to determine what can and can not be.

Now… let’s start with our ultimate fantasies.

Moon Technology Fantasies


It gets us every time. Whether late at night on a strangers couch after a night of heavy drinking, or sitting in an office building looking at pictures of the Caribbean, the concept of teleportation appeals unlike any other technological notion.

‘Beam me up Scotty, get me out of here…”

Teleportation is also the ultimate escape hatch from compromising situations or when people are driving us mad.

And… it’s a great way to get from Earth to the Moon, yeah?

A teleportation device in every major city of the world, linked to a re-materialisation chamber in our Hotel on the Moon is currently’s number one Moon technology fantasy.


Close, but not the same as teleportation, a TARDIS would be a great way to get around.

Who among us has not enjoyed Dr. Who in at least one or two of his incarnations? Whether as the old time favourite Tom Baker, the recent David Tennant, or current day Matt Smith his inter-dimensional travel adventures have been a pleasure to almost all.

But Dr. Who’s TARDIS has captured many of us the most. A machine that jumps about the Universe with ease is simply a concept that never tires for us.

Travelling through space like a teleport, but also through time, the TARDIS has the added appeal of a small exterior that opens into a spacious interior world – making it the perfect conceptual ring-in for lubricated chats in beer gardens, backyards and bars. What’s more its exterior was a small, blue and oh-so-British police box: cute, right?

TARDIS transportation to our hotel on the Moon simply wouldn’t be bad we propose.

Hover Boards

A concept popularised by the sci-fi 80’s classic movie series, Back to the Future, hover boards are like skateboards without wheels: lean for direction, push for speed, all the same principles apply, but as the name suggests, they hover.

Hovercraft technology on the whole would certainly be grand, but as we’re dreaming of space tourism, it’s the hover boards that win hands down.

Imagine taking the kids to our lava tube hover board ramp and watching them hover around.


Ah, the magical possibilities of nanotechnology!

Introduced by Star Trek, the concept of replicator is self-explanatory really. A sophisticated machine takes a snap shot of an object, right down to its molecular structure, then replicates it by manipulating raw molecular material, or more precisely put, by building it one molecule at a time.

Of course this would require billions of baby assembler machines, measuring only a few billionths of meter across (so small you could only see them with a light microscope), to make up the one replicator (or nanomachine), but hey, it could happen.

And if it did, it would do away with many a Moon concern. Food, for instance: take a handful of Moon Hotel garbage and you could turn it into a peach or a pear… although, perhaps our guests would not eat it?

Fusion Ports

Another concept introduced by Back to the Future is a fusion port, referred to by the lovable professor, ‘Doc’, as Mr. Fusion. The fusion port, like the replicator, can take any household or hotel refuse and through miraculously safe nuclear reaction turn it into gigawatts of power.

Moon Technology Wishes

Getting down to brass tacks, living in the Moon’s harsh environment is going to be hard, and sometimes downright difficult. So, there are certain technology wishes that, if developed, would certainly make lunar life easier.


Nifty little Moon robots would be very helpful, especially in the early stages of building our hotel. Initial construction in the Moon’s vacuum, while contending with the extreme temperatures and microscopic sharp-edged Moon dust doesn’t exactly sound like a Sunday working bee.

So having our very own remote Moonbots doing all the initial hard work, operated by a mission control, on Earth or hovering in lunar orbit, is definitely desirable.

Artificial Gravity Rooms

Given the damaging effects on the human body of long periods of time without gravity, artificial gravity rooms, in at least one or two sections of our hotel, would be a boon for’s Moon Hotel staff.

Proper appreciation of the Moon’s low gravity environment will also most definitely be assured if we can shift between it and an artificially generated Earth gravity that feels like home.


Interested in discussing Moon technology? Wanting to share what you know? Visit the Moon Tech Talk Forums [LINK].


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