The Moon has been with us since the beginning. When life first emerged from primordial pools and through every stage of our progression from amoeba to human, it has waxed and waned and cut its course across the sky: the brightest light in our time of darkness.

It has touched every one of our cultures: a subject of awe, symbol of primal instincts and binding light to the hearts of lovers. And in recent times, the Moon has meant much more: a milestone on our journey into space, the final frontier.

Man is destined to go where no Earth creature has gone before. And first stop is that shinning orb, the Moon: our launching pad, testing ground and teacher. We, the masters of adaptation, will make the Moon our home, and some of our greatest creative minds have pictured this in our music, books, movies, T.V. shows, comics and cartoons.

With visions of a future colonised Moon, romantic notions and primitive mythological creatures and gods that roam our unconscious world, Moon Culture is the soul food for’s Project Moon.

So welcome to Moon Culture, where wonderful Moon Myths abound and The Moon in Popular Culture is experienced, loved and adored.

And please, get involved.

We have Moon Culture Forums [Link] in which you can share your lunar passions for, say… continuity issues in 2001: Space Odyssey, or where your comments, likes and dislikes, will help us to build our Moon Culture Databases into the world’s biggest, and most refined, repository of the Moon in myth and popular culture.

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