Our Vision:

The Accommodation.com Moon Hotel guests have gathered in the Hotel’s circular dinning room, dressed in their best formal attire. There are French gothic candelabrums, brilliant white tablecloths, and art works by Klimt and Monet. A pianist starts playing Debussy’s Clair de Lune as a dinner of roast quail is served.

The lights dim as the ceiling opens-up like an aperture, revealing a long vertical shaft. Sinking your teeth into succulent quail, you smile at your friends and partner. Then the artworks retract into the walls and the floor starts turning and rising.

The pianist shifts to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata as the dining room rises further. Then at the top of the shaft, it reaches a dome and stops, prompting you to nervously sip from your wine glass. Half-dome plates open slowly like eyelids, revealing a brilliant star-studded sky.

You look around: you’re in a glass dome on a lunar mountain on the Moon’s majestic Apennine mountains.

Then it happens: a bright blue ball with swirls of white starts rising on the horizon…

The Accommodation.com Moon Hotel will be our magical lunar kingdom. The Earthrise dinner described but one of the many pleasures on offer.

The hotel described is a subsurface structure, situated in one of the spacious lava tubes (long wide tunnels) that weave beneath the Moon’s surface. Presently the most appealing prospective designs to our team, a subsurface hotel in these pre-existing structures would easily shelter guests from the extreme conditions of the Moon’s lunar surface, all the while providing enough space for luxurious quarters and a gamut of low-gravity pastimes.

In these tubes, we could create fabulous lunar bars with design features playing off their curved and jagged features. Vast lunar sports halls could provide all manner of low gravity games and hotel rooms could be themed on classic science fiction. We could have Earth gravity spas, low gravity theatres, and, as previously described, to properly appreciate the fabulous lunar skies, rooms that rise up vertical shafts to thick glass domes on the surface – the ultimate in comfortable lunar appreciation.

Our lunar hotel will need to be pressurised, however, and pressurised environments exert an outward force on structures. Meaning, while we may be able to seal lava tubes, we may not be able to pressurise them safely.

But how do you envisage our Moon Hotel?

How should we deal with the Moon’s challenges? What structural designs do you consider most plausible? Which most attractive? Do you imagine it above ground or below? How do you picture its interior design? And where would you like it situated: the Apennine mountains, Tycho Crater, somewhere near the equator?

Accommodation.com’s future Moon Hotel poses a number of fascinating questions of both a technical and aesthetic nature. So read through our info on our Moon Hotel Challenges, possible Moon Hotel Designs and attractive Moon Hotel Locations and let us know what you think.

Or better still, enter our Moon Hotel Design Comp and truly get creative!

Moon Hotel Challenges

Moon Hotel Designs                                                                    Moon Hotel Locations


Interested in discussing Moon Hotel possibilities? Wanting to share what you know? Visit the Moon Hotel Forum [LINK].

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