Moon Technology is life technology – without it, we simply could not survive on the Moon: with no oxygen, we die; without regulating our temperature we’ll burn up or freeze; and without atmospheric pressure, the blood in our bodies will boil, while water and gas expands, inflating us like balloons…

In other words, to go to the Moon, we have to bring our environment with us, and this, in truth brings formidable technical challenges and dangers. But much of this technology already exists. We’ve been to the Moon before and we’ll use the technology tested. So what of technology we’d like?

The Moon Technology at our Moon Hotel therefore comes under two categories: that which is most definitely required, most of which already exists, and that which we desire, which ultimately is unlimited.

So chose your own adventure.

For the technology needed to live safely and happily on the Moon, check out our Moon Technology Requirements. Or for the possible technologies of our Moon Hotel in the year 2030, plus all our technology fantasies, check out our Moon Technology Wish List.


Moon Technology Requirements                        Moon Technology Wish List


Interested in discussing Moon technology? Wanting to share what you know? Visit the Moon Tech Talk Forums [LINK].

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