NOTE: My writing for was never published, but it was my final (painfully intensive) stint of writing after a three-year communications degree and five years of writing professionally and I consider it to be my best work. was a startup company. A number of articles written for were not uploaded to the website due to the company deciding to take a different direction and rely on user-contributor content – I was unable to make pdfs of these articles so they are presented here as separate pages. experienced troubles from the outset and never got off the ground.
Top Destinations


Project Moon

As crazy as this sounds,, before imploding, had planned to put a hotel on the Moon. The date was set for 2030. And yes, I was to be the guy drumming up enthusiasm from the public with a dynamic Moon Project microsite while engaging experts, investors and high-tech collaborators to make it all happen. 

Below are the articles I had written before it all came to an abrupt end. 

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